Sunday, May 29, 2011


Do you want to known as a loser
hell no...
no one will

But loser is not just about weird face
ridiculous name
or you're not win a game 

Loser is....
when you gave up
when you scared about new things
when you allowed somebody
to tell you what he thinks about you
when you dont love your self
and changed it to somebody elses
when you see everything negative
when you doing all mistakes
and you busy to search somebody to blame
when you believed your self
not gonna wins anything in your life

then, you are proven to be

comedy tragedy

I wanna share my private opinion 
about comedy

it's not funny when you mocked 
their physical condition
(you're not perfect at all)

it's not funny when you pushed
others to giant things
though it's harmless
(imagine your kids pushing 
their friend to a solid table)

it's not funny when you changed
yourself into different gender
(being gay is not a joke)

it's not funny when you scream
during the show
(this is a comedy show, freak)

and absolutely not funny when you compose
all above into one comedy show
(It's a disaster show)


I watched a giant screen in front of me
they say, this is the tribe that cannibal
is in their culture
I'm so excited to listening the host
when he try to get along with them
and find out about cannibalism

We can say, that their culture is horrible
but, is it true ?
that they more horrible than us
how about the system in the country
that guaranteed the rich getting richer
and the poor getting poorer

or when we do anything we could
to knock down somebody
It might not as the same as 
we ate their flesh
but the damage is pretty the same

so whether in tribal or modern society
cannibalism became culture

Thursday, May 26, 2011

when we get old

when we get old
can we give this big smile
like a handsome old man above
I bet, this old man
really happy with his long journey
sure, there a lot mistakes
here and there
but the end
he can give this smile
to the world

Can we ????
when at the same time
when we still young
it's need a big effort
to gave a sincere smile
to others

a happy aeroplane

by : teguh wahyudi

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what do you know about disability ?
somebody who cannot see 
or we called it blind
somebody who cannot hear
or we called it deaf
or somebody who loose another
part of their body

Well your perspective same with me
but one day, the fact told me
that it is wrong
I got a story when I participate
a long walk in my hood
I saw this girl with no foot
joined this event too
though she need a tool
to walk
or when I watch down syndrome kids
wearing pom pom
and starting to dance
with they passion
Are they disability or handicap
I dont think so
cause they bring they effort
to do what normal man can do
and us...or me
with this very beautiful and complete body
sometime we still complained about something

and that's what I called disability
when we struggle to do it
but we decide to give up

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

noir. inc

by : teguh wahyudi

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Perfect Leader

I miss a perfect leader
the one that gonna lead my country
with no hesitation
but doesnt have the gutt
to corrupt or cover a corruptor
who have the firm
to choose whether it is right or wrong
who have a million
of ashamed
and doesnt gave a shit
about imaging him self
always think of the people
the poor and the haves
and never of his interest
or his party
where he belong to
who always think hard
how to make this country better
and not be abused by others
and always think of our hero
give them a proper shelter

I missed that guy
from more than 300 million of people
I dont doubt, someday i found it
I hope

fair enuff

it's not i don't grateful enough to be a woman
but even another woman not fair enough to others
like, when she tells me about a man kisses another woman
and she just said that it's okay
cause it's doing by a boy
that makes me questioning
how about me that kisses another boy
will my parents slapped me
will they said that I'm embarrassing them
I know the answer
Yes they will
I take my lesson
doing wrong is not always doing mistakes
maybe, doing wrong is
take a look whose do that
and we'll figure out
whether we are right or wrong

and it's happening
in 2011
can you imagine ????

Saturday, May 21, 2011


by : teguh wahyudi

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last night would be the embarrassing moment
for us to be citizen
where man in suit
looks like
a bunch of kindergarten 
fight for a candy
and honestly...
kindergarten much better than they are
man in suit seems to forgot
what the purposes of the event
what they only remember is
they interest
they totally forgot that a lot of
children with potential
looking for what they work in

Maybe this is the right time for me to say
I'm so ashamed being Indonesian

Thursday, May 19, 2011

hell NO

hell no, better take that shit somewhere else
please, not here
you wanna know, what THAT SHIT means to me
it's about a man
that work in a, we can say
one of government institutions
what he did on you tube
is only lipsync an Indian song
that already famed by Sharukh Khan
and you know, what he gets now
not only life under microcospic 
like a celebrity
(remember me, he did not do anything
but lipsync)
and then, he got a house
just by doing that
HELL NO guys
I know a lot of real hero
deserved what he got
like a veteran
or the dont have
or somebody else but him

damn, is this the country that I lived

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


nuff said about cheater go girl !!!


whether is a white or the big one
Lie is still a lie
but who never committed to a lie
 Like when a husband told the wife
that her dishes is delicious
but it's horrible
or when your mom told that you are not gain weight
when actually you are gained 10 pounds
but, this is a white lie

I remembered met a girl
that her life is mysterious
cause we don't know is it true or not
Like, when she tell that her boyfriend died
only she told us the cemetery 
in five different places
and thats a big lie

But, how we can differenciate this
all of is a lie
when you cover it with one lie
and the rest of your life will need
a thousands lie to covered it

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


girl, let be honest when was the last time
 we have the guts to look in the mirror
our naked body
and not just look
but aware of ourselves
not just the beauty in the skin
but a little deeper
when the last time you said
"Wow I got a hot body"
and that is
no another comment about
your thigh, your fat
when the last time you said
"I am beautiful"
without thinking about a little nose job
lyposuction or silicone on your lips
I guess when we still kids
when we dont know the rules of beauty
So, do we really need mirror
the place where we can find just
the bad side of our body

I Dont Think So

why do you love me ?

I remember when I think about love
I used to be afraid that someday
he will leave me for somebody
more beautiful than me
More I think that way
the more I realize that it is possible
 sure, there is more than a billion woman
more beautiful than me
then I realize
if he chasing me just for my face
let be honest
He wont fall in love with me

Later, when we argue about stuff
little to big stuff
When I get very emotional
I think maybe "over it" is a lot easier
but, is it a lot easier ?
or maybe I dont grow up as an adult 

the more I spent my time with him
the more I realize it took a constant commitment
 to love somebody
to accept who he is
just the way he is
and when another time we argue
I will think
why do I love him

Sunday, May 15, 2011

free as a bird

by: teguh wahyudi

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social network

now, it seem talk directly not important anymore
we have text messaging
video call
and social network
do you ever feel that you overwhelmed
you choose to spread on social network
when you had a fight with your boyfriend
that, ironicly, sits beside you
or when you get angry with your bestfriend
that standing behind you
and you or maybe we
never feel ashamed about that
we dont remember anymore
the fine line that differenciate
for public or private only
it's like all the people in the world
must know all about us in every minutes
well, everybody know
except the one you heading for
Ironic, isnt it 


do you ever feel that you are tired ???
tired from being a basket of others problem
tired from always thinking of others
sometimes you dont wanna let them down
sometimes you dont wanna let them cry
tired of being perfect
being kind
being human....
tired of never breaking the rules
tired from helping others
I wish I had one free day
from not doing all things above
but..Life's a bitch
so, I guess we only have one time free day of tired
unfortunately, we wont woke up again

Saturday, May 14, 2011

it's breezing

by: teguh wahyudi

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LOL :))

It is more toxicated than britney's toxic
and more effective that pull the trigger on your head
its scientific proof more dangerous than DUI
it just not dangerous for you
but also for everybody else

Guarantee : sent you to above or ground..sooner
Warning: Do not care how important the message
you have to pull over before you read it got the picture above

Texting is addictive
and dangerous
watch out !!!!

you're so lame

there are so many funny things happened in this country
for example, the one that I wanna tell it to you
if in Latin America we called it soap opera
in here, we called it SINETRON

all the sinetron in all national channel only tells
about how they fight for money or bling bling
then they fight for a charming guy
with a fancy car and rich dad
while the women all comes from the poor
but she was very pretty even when they become a maid

then, when this two fall in love
she will revealed that actually she is the real daughter
of the rich
and the charming guy is the dont have
and this whether the rich dad have another woman
or someone bad that change the baby in the hospital

well...when they got to close with marriage
one of them will lose the memory
and became stranger...

this is so lame...
oh I know, sometimes they show it how to kill someone
in the sinetron is dangerous
not just parental guidance
but police guidance

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


if you think that before I surf the net
I watch a romance movie
damn, you were right...
Love...almost everybody had it
though its a true love
or you love it cause his/her beauty
or you love it cause he got a lot of money
I called it all
one funny thing I realized
before I found my love
I have to meet two jerks
and one set up man
plus I have to go a thousand miles
just to find out 
that he's the one

and one thing I give my faith in
that GOD really interfere in your love live
cause in a million of chances
GOD set me up with a man
that I know 10 years ago
well I think
GOD loves me too

happy :)


what is happy supposed to mean ???
okay, maybe in my 28 years I lived
I wanna share what happy is

I am happy when I eat meatball
with a lot of chilli sauce
I am happy when I finished my college
I am happy when I got a new job
I am happy when somebody loved me sincerely
I am happy hang out with my bestfriends

I know...that happy is common
but, I have a happy feeling when...

my ex boyfriend broke up with his new girlfriend
when I have to climbing the wall cause
my dad already locked me up
when my jerk boss doing big mistakes
when the smart ass got a big big disaster

for me, sometimes happy so selfish
cause you dont care what everybody elses feeling
when you are

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop It, Please

we sick with the shouts of you two
when I have to shut the door
and I still can hear you
thrown things..
curse each other..
hit each other..
and in the end
I hear someones crying

is this a marriage means
whenever there is a problem
both of you forced us to hear that stuff
I'm telling you
that it hurt us to hear that
cause I can not do anything
I love both of you
but it seems
you guys dont care it all
all you want is curse each other
untill you satisfy
never think of your children

if you love each other
please stop it
if you, at least, love your children
please stop it
if you love yourself
please stop it


by : teguh wahyudi

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what should I eat ?

it's not that I dont have money to buy some food
or my parents neglected me on the street
and absolutely I dont live it the poor country
This country have a thousands of variety of plants and animals

but ironicly
most of them were poisoned
vegetables have so many insecticide on it
meat that already become corpse
food with garment dye
fish with high preservative
so, what should I eat ?
even the cheapest food have already poisoned

I remembered the song my parents
always sing for me
"This land called a paradise
cause even stone and wood
can be eaten"

my big question would be

Is it true ??