Thursday, April 28, 2011

hell yeah..I'm scared

for you adult movie lovers
you maybe familiar with this girl face
if you see this girl with adult genre
in here, we called it horror genre
I dont know whether which one is ghost
is it the hot girl or the one who make this film

yes, maybe we have another style of horror movie
we always add mostly of the scene with 
I think soft core
although it just the nasty kissing scene
or topless girl with beautifull boops

so..what the use if we cant access the porn from sites
but we can see all on the movies 
sorry, I mean horror movies
which not scary at all
I think this all the same
the same game
with one purposes

ruined the next generation
well, I think its well done

dont be too happy now
we have a bunch of people
that sick with what you're doing
we believe
you will going down
you all
I guarantee

out there

it's hard for me to find the answer
answer about the truth and our history
maybe, this is the first time I've heard
that history have been erased
cause this leader have mistakes

it really makes me wonder
I guess everybody says that nobody's perfect
and mistakes are so human

why they change to switch the truth
for their own interest
now, see the result for what you've done
we all lost
cause we dont know on what we have to hold on to
you're the one who know

our crying children

how many kids have to cry
how many wives have to scream
how many husbands have to angry
how many parents have to get mad
how many citizens feel this insecure
cause this problem unsolved
cause theykidnapp this teenager 
and became their member
ruined this country
stolen what we have before
now, I saw dogs everywhere
sniffing the area, hope find a thing called
we are mad with this condition
when nobody seems busy with them selves
when it's easy to block porn sites than
what actually we're waiting for
are we waiting the worst to come
ARE WE ???
anybody who hear this


Before it's too damn late
and what we can do is just

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new kind of psycho

this is what I describe in my mind
what a psycho is
but, I guess I have to change it
when I heard news on tv
when a cameraman agreed to
joined a conspiracy
to recording a scene
when more than 9 kilos
of boms
explode the gas pipes
and church nearby

are you a human
are you have a religion
I mean the right religion
when GOD taught you to have compassion
and it's a big sin to kill each other

whats wrong with human now
why they hate others and do some sick things
based on different religion
Why ???
do you can explain it 

I live to scratch

everyday I go to the grocery store near by
sometime to buy some stuff
but, actually I need to scratch stuff
that maybe will change my live into something beautiful
beyond beautiful I think
I will have everything
cause they promised me 1 billion

I scratch it with patience
I saw number...1
I scratch it again
and the B starting to appear
damn...I won this time

I have so much money now
and all the people who think me as a loser
started to hangout with me
I become celebrity
with some paparazzi behind me
to find out, how dummy I am to spent that money

But wait, why my best friend are gone
my family starting to hate me
and my love ones leave me
Okay, I have new friend
his name is Alcohol
He is very faithful
accompany me when i pull the trigger

Is it delicious

is it still delicious
when we saw this massacre
they caught sharks..they killed it
they only took the little part
for soup
for your tongue only
and maybe
a little prestige
for eating this soup

Somehow we have to stop this action
we have to stop this greed as a number one predator
cause their lives in this world
have one meaning
to maintain the ecosystem
which is mean
to keep us alive

Stop Killing Sharks

Sunday, April 24, 2011


no matter how cute this dress on you
Please dont use it in front of your husband
though you dont wanna get laid with him

Suggestion (read this carefully)
Only wear when your husband work in his office
Or maybe he have duty to other city
And change immadiately when he's comeback

If you still wear it for comfort reason
Your hubb can lose his good fantasy
cause no matter how hot your body
This clothes guaranteed can make "on" to "off"
and it makes
your bed as cold as ice

Better be slut with your hubb
than he's looking for a slut

PS: Slut dont wear that stuff

*) I know maybe some women get angry with this
but try to use nurse costume, and tell me how different
your hubb will. So, no offense

this is a big conspiracy

Sick of this thing goin on this sick land
Sick whenever the right is always behind the bar
Sick when the bad guys can laugh and arrange this sick land
with his money and authority
Sick when we got a huge building called court
and it means nothing at all
Sick when the bad guys caught and they having fun
behind their palace..though they still in jail
Sick when I read newspaper, and know the bad guys
can go wherever they like..though they still in jail
Sick when the bad guys can use his power
to change the evidence
Sick when they flip wrong into right in just a second
Sick when nobody hear us
when the justice is crying out
cause they blind
Sick when nobody cant do nothing
cause they part of this conspiracy
I am fucking sick with this shit


No..this picture is not ridiculous
but become a fashion police is
okay...who the heck are you
told us to wear something we wanna wear

Look at you..
Look how weird is your face
And you have to wear it everyday
You absolutely cant change it
except with another surgery

It means...with any kind of clothes
the police should arrested you
and thats why I called it ridiculous

Friday, April 22, 2011

what's wrong

I don't know whether there is a silently brainwash
that people with a tatto is a bad guy
Why ?? What's wrong with it ??
All I can see is beauty and art
Like the real art
not somekind of describing someone
to a crime or prostitute

and I'm sick with people who have no tatto
feel like they are so much better than the have one
Though with a tattoo they still the same
still have compassion, still have GOD
still have dignity

I'm not saying all of you must have a tatto
but, please respect them just like you wanna be treated
do not tell kids around you, that people with a tatto is a bad guy
or a drug seller, a stripteaser, a convict
and a man with out GOD

cause..they're not

and the future will be like

this is the picture of our country
this is the future leader in maybe 10 years
who solving the problem with violence
not with wise and brain
am I gonna put my trust on them
I really dont think so

I think I'm gonna be afraid
to delivered and raised a children here
it's like no future at all

this country will end up to a dead city
when our leader busy with their own business
busy with making money and spend it
busy with higher position and beautifull woman

I remembered someone say
If you wanna see how great a country
see their next generation
And oh GOD, I saw it
you wanna know what it's like
like that...
You wanna know, how our leader behaviour
like that...

our HERO

Salute to you
To the hero of our nation
no matter how bad they describe you on media
we will still respect you

I got confused to the law
why they always bring human rights things to you
but where are they
when all the bad guy chasing you with guns
swords, spears and throwing you with molotov bombs

are they forgot
that you have family
have life ???

To all our hero 
wherever you are
thank you with what you did to this country

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fed me...PLEASE

Fed me, please
Could you see that bones
That's i gained from put my finger in my throat
Cause it's the right way for becoming beautiful
I've seen it in magazine
all skinny girl rules in it
So, I try hard becoming one of them
They say it's healthy
When i eat and thrown it back immadiately

They put me in a hospital
tell me i've got an eating disorder
Am I ????

I am thinking now
So, all the girls shown in magazine and tv
have the same disorder like me
cause they're so skinny
and they proud of it
They make it as a contest
The skinnier the better

Who am I going to blame for
The media ???
or the girls ???
or people who mocked the fat girl ???
or people who said that skinny is healthy ???
or man who loves his girlfriend skinny ???
or all celebs whose got hot body, so every girls wants it badly ???
or my girls who show me how to put my finger in my throat ???


What we really get from this thing
An official announcement that we are beauty
A fact that we can bullshit about peace world
A nice body but with outrageous effort
including plastic surgery and eating disorder

These thing just brought women back to their low level
When only your body and looks establish you as a winner
When your bullshit about peace world applaused by people
But still, the world is in chaotic situation

What this is all about
Is it smart, when you only wave your hand 
you wear bikini stuffed by fake boops
or you wore an expensive gown
when some children are naked, cause they dont have money

We are more than crown
More than wave, talking shit and bikini
More than fake big smile

And those tears
come on..those are the cheesy tears I've ever seen

Monday, April 18, 2011


is it wrong if we want changes
Changes like

Dont underpayed us
Dont make us work for 24 hours, nonstop
Dont make us work on Monday
Dont make us work on our off day
Dont give us a huge burden on our shoulder
Dont pushed us...

We're not robot
We need off day
We need better food
We need relax day
We need proper life
We need CHANGES..


That title, certainly not blowjob
But this man..Billie Joe

How you inspire me, as average girl
Doing average things
How you make all your song
like my original soundtrack

Then and Now
Young and Old
You still my idol
Still keeping me scream
whenever I saw your clip on tv

Since 1994
maybe untill the day i die
I thankfull for your music
your band
Maybe this cheesy
but you gave something

At least 
For Me
Your faithfully biggest fans


Our land is known as the most hospitable country in the world
but the biggest question is


Do  we have to neglect a fact that we are not that hospitable
Do we remember the time that the riot 
caused by we prejudice to one ethnic
Or we still remember when someone easily
chopped others head just because of he choose another religion

I do still remember, when i got pushed by some men
at the bus terminal cause they wanna have a seat
Or when others ignored a pregnant woman
standing on the bus

I guess some of you still remember
when great concert ruined by some dude with chaos intention
Or, just easily doing vandalism
caused by their football team loses

We have to take long time
to have pride that world named us
The most hospitable country in the world
We should be ashamed
That title really not for us..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's In Our Blood

You can see how awesome our hair
How cool our clothes
and our music

But, nowadays some people
make this is a lifestyle
They look like us, only they fake

Sometime they look like us, only their clothes
stamped the famous designer
And your body  smell like famous perfume
sometimes you hear terrible music

So, people
It's not a life style
it's not a trend
it's in our blood
It's our soul

Though you look like us
We know it
That we are not the same

Tik Tok

When everybody is in peace
When everybody needs somebody more important than
When it is time to see our Al Mighty
When everybody needs to be happy

You screwed it..
In silence, you assemble that sick thing
You think by explode some people
you will go to heaven

With those belief
You put your sick vest
full of sick powder
You smile.....
And when you think, this is the time
tik tok...tik tok....

May I ask something Mr Tik Tok
Before you explode that sick thing
Do you mind if you go to a field
Far from human, animals or plants
and please...
just trigger your self alone

Your hatred never changed anything

Friday, April 15, 2011


It's time for me to say goodbye
all the sorrow we through
and all the joy
this is not the end
we will meet each other..soon

No hatred 
but with tears
tears of joy

Thank you all my friend
you always be part of my life

Perfect Vs Normal

Perfect body
Perfect boops
Perfect lips
Perfect abs
Perferct nose
Perfect thigh

It really makes you beautiful
in plastic way
When you undergo 10 surgery
just to pursue
two word
"Beautifully Perfect"

While other human
just pursue
one word

Is that really worthed
for stuffed your flesh
with sillicone
Though others said that you're beauty
They also said your beautifully fake
Just be normal girls

Money Is ...

Money Is...
a thing that you used to buy clothes
a thing that you used to pay cab
You can also used it to buy some food

And also...
a super thing that you used
for escape from the jail
a super thing that you used
to bribe somebody else
So he want to do everyhthing you wanna do

Not to forget
that money used for makeover your jail
into something that proper to air on Mtv Crib
and can makeover your normal body
into something plastic and full with implant

Last but not least
Money guaranteed can buy love
Some beautiful girls prefer choose it

Suggestion :
The more money you get
the more problems you will solved
even though you get it by corruption
and when you get old you will be in true jail

will curse you in the end

Note: GOD is the only one thing you can't bribe
so watch out !!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011



When I loses my hope
to live my life in the future
I saw you
Standing right there
At the right time and place
Giving me the best time
I've ever had

And still you do..
Please always do..

For another ten
and more

Both of us will ride
Doing everything we want to do

*) You know who you R