Tuesday, June 21, 2011


by : teguh wahyudi


You know you making a monster
when you taught an elementary student
to cheat
to become
a cheater
For the reputation of school name
You think it's okay to give them
the answer
and forced them
to tell their friends
GOD what went wrong with this country
Is that bad our mentality ?
when they see the reality
and taught to do anything
even the worst one
to pass the exam
and "they" is only 12 years old
I don't know how they achieve
what they want
in 21 years old


My childhood......
Every morning I have to get up early and catch up the vehicle to go to school
cause, the fee is very cheap..at the time the vehicle driver usually just passes me...and choose the working people. So, I usually arrive at school in last minutes.

I remember I have a bestfriend, but sadly she's unfortunate one. Her daddy is a mechanic man while her mom always taking care her and her siblings. But, at the time I do remember too, when I felt, she's maybe don't have a lot of money...but sure she have mom at home, everyday in her life. I am not...my parents both are an army.

And, how naughty I am, when my dad always tell that I have to taking a nap. But I always run into the rice field, play with my friends until a half an hour before my dad at home..and I am pretend that I am taking a nap. And my dad got me :)

Or when my told me to take a nap, but I go to the cattle breeding instead. And, suddenly out of nowhere a wild monkey bite my foot. At the time I scare more to my dad, than my wound. My dad is so mad at me :(

I have a lot of boy friend than a girl. Maybe because I have my elder sister, that we didn't get along so well that day. So everyday I play soccer in the rice field, or catch a frog or an eel.

When the holiday came, the rice field change to a fair, a lots of entertainment and playground. At the time of course I don't have any money to get in there. But the ticket seller flirt with my maid, so every night in every year I can get in there, watch every game....FREE

It's a glimpse of my childhood memories...it still makes me smile for more than 25 years.... XOXO